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Welcome to ZME

Zhong Meng Enterprise (ZME) is one of the social business organizations located at Dhaka, Bangladesh which is continuously contributing for the promotion of trade, tourism, culture and sports between Bangladesh and China.

ZME's main functions are to under take Bangladesh-China Affairs Business and General Consultancies, Sourcing Products between Bangladesh and China through own offices at both ends, Promoting Tourism, Culture and Sports between Bangladesh and China, Conducting Spoken Chinese Language Course, Promoting Social Works and Social Businesses in both Bangladesh and China.


Our Language Courses

1. Basic Chinese Languge Course.

2. Spoken English Courses

3. Bangla Language Courses

5. Motivational Course Giving Good Guidance (3G) For Self Improvment.

Admission and Contacts:

The interested participants would get the preference of admission basing on first come first chance basis. The interested participants may contact as under and complete the admission (with minimum one month fee) before undertaking the course:

Lt Col (Retd) Md Shahadat Hossain,Psc

(MBA, MDS, Graduation on Chinese Language)

Consultant on Bangladesh-China Affairs & Proprietor of Zhong Meng Enterprise (ZME)

Moon Space, House-806,Road-11,

Avenue-6, DOHS Mirpur, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

Contact: +88-02-8080940, +8801716097874, +8801819434583



Residantial and Online Learning Facility Also Avilable



1. Any types of consultancies, strategic or business nature, governmental or non governmental. The under mentioned "Consultant on Bangladesh China Affairs" has long term experiences of undertaking many such consultancies.

2. Profile of the consultant:
1. https://www.facebook.com/mdshahadathossainbulbul/
2. http://bd.linkedin.com/pub/shahadat-hossain/19/13a/479

3. Initiator And Founding Organizer:

We Speak Chinese Club

Any interested Bangladeshi who learned or learning or can speak Chinese language may become active members of this club, however, any Chinese or Chinese speaking foreigners located in Bangladesh would also be accepted to join in this club or participate any activities organize by club members. It is an association or club just for social gatherings, information sharing, mutual learning & benefits through interactions, promoting Chinese language among other Bangladeshis, promoting China Bangladesh Relations for benefiting themselves etc. Very recently we have started the process of registration of the club and as such currently we have both registered and non registered members. Membership fee for registered member is tk 5000 while subsequent monthly contribution is tk 100/ month. Welcome to call at 01716097874 or write to wespeakchineseclub@gmail.com for more details. Our face book groups are "We Speak Chinese Club", "We Speak Chinese Club Registered Members" and Chinese Language Club DOHS Mirpur".

3.1 We Speak Chinese Club

3.1.a Group For Non Registered Member Of We Speak Chinese Club

3.1.b Group For Registered Member Of We Speak Chinese Club

3.2 Zhong Meng Language Center

3.3 Chinese Language Residential Teaching at Dhaka Bangladesh

3.4 Chinese Language Learning Online

3.5 Giving Good Guidance 3G Training at Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

3.6 Spoken English Teaching Center at DOHS Mirpur Dhaka Bangladesh

3.7 Bengali Language Learning For Foreigners at Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh

For becoming Registered Member of We Speak Chinese Club, information page:


Group for Registered Members:


Group for non Registered members:


4. Proprietor of

4.1 Zhong Meng Enterprise

4.2 Moon House Moon Park

4.3 Zhong Meng Chinese Academy Mirpur DOHS

4.4 Moon Space Corporate Building

5. Published recent papers/ write-up of the Consultant:

5.1 China Bangladesh Complex


Tourism Activities (Picnic Spot/ Resorts)

1. Promoting Tourism between China and Bangladesh on behalf of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (National Tourism Organization of Bangladesh). Organizing personal as well as group tour.

2. Running two local Picnic / Outing / Reunion Spots/ Resorts named Moon House and Moon Park.


Business Activities (Products)

1. Sourcing Products between China and Bangladesh: Garments Accessories mainly metal buttons, rivet, eyelets, zippers, belt, buckle, lace, interlining, and other metal items.

2. Sourcing Chemicals like Soda Ash, Caustic Soda, Glauber Salt and other items. Also any types of Textile Enzymes.

3. Any other Special Products from China like container lock, textile machineries, three wheeler scooter, motor